Would you like to find someone who is an expert in artificial intelligence, but who also is an expert in finding strategic business applications of AI for businesses like yours?

 Our founder (and senior consultant) is a recognized expert in how to coordinate the senior leadership of a business to discover hidden strategic business opportunities. He knows how to help you find ways to use AI to strategically increase revenue (and profits), improve customer retention, significantly expand market share, and…he has a Ph.D. in AI and 35 years’ experience running his own company that helps other companies use advanced technologies to increase their profits. 

Does that sound interesting to you? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

If you would like to explore the AI opportunity for your business, contact our founder, Dr. Richard Routh, via email at  rrouth@tri7services.com, or take your chances trying to call him on his personal cell phone at area code 828, then 429.6849. Let’s set up a Zoom appointment to talk.

Tri 7 Services

 is a division of the GINESYS Corporation. GINESYS was incorporated in 1988. Over the past 35 years GINESYS has developed expertise in several service arenas. Tri 7 Services is adept at providing high-quality solutions in these areas:

A.I. Roadmapping

Artificial Intelligence has been doing great things for the marketplace for over 40 years. It has been diversifying and maturing over that time and is now a requirement in most business . . .

Executive Coaching

For C-Level and Vice-President level executives who are already successful in their roles, but want to sharpen the edge a little more as they seek to become even better leaders, more . . .


Are you tired of working one to two weeks per year to create a corporate strategy document that pretty much sits on the shelf for the rest of the year seizing only a fraction of . . . 

Mastering Organizational Culture Shift

The late Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” There has been much written on exactly what Drucker meant when he said that. The prevailing conclusion is . . .