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Artificial Intelligence has been doing great things for the marketplace for over 40 years. It has been diversifying and maturing over that time and is now a requirement in most business sectors. In many cases customers and partners expect A.I. enabled business systems, but for many executives and senior managers, A.I. is a black box. It often appears mysterious and probably at least a little hyped. 

But those who use it well have a distinct competitive advantage—so it can’t really be ignored. We have several decades of experience helping large businesses understand and incorporate A.I. in ways that make sense and provide impressive returns. We can help you understand the way A.I. could really work for you in practical ways, and we are prepared to teach and mentor your technical people so they can responsibly implement and maintain the A.I. systems that will give you a competitive edge. 

Executive Overview Presentations

We can provide executive overview presentations to your senior leadership that outline the practical opportunities that A.I. can provide. We will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to implementing A.I. solutions. We will help you develop the outline of a strategy for implementing A.I. that will make business sense for your company. 

The Technical
Details—A Tutorial Seminar

This is a ten-hour technical seminar to help I.T. middle management understand the technical issues that must be managed to deliver a successful implementation of A.I. enabled systems. Here is the outline syllabus for these classes:

  • Outline of material covered for each one-hour session: 

    Session #1: Overview of AI and the basic concepts of image recognition, Natural Language Processing, and Rule-based expert systems. 

    Session #2: What makes NLP hard, and the best strategies for managing the development of NLP systems. 

    Session #3: The theory and implementation of rule-based expert systems, Part 1. 

    Session #4: The theory and implementation of rule-based expert systems, Part 2. This session includes Part 1 of “design and operation of an inference engine.” 

    Session #5: Inference Engine design, development and maintenance, Part 2. 

    Session #6: How to integrate a rule-based inference engine architecture with a large NLP database. 

    Session #7: Machine learning: The pro’s and con’s to each of a few different approaches to machine learning. 

    Session #8: The technical details of integrating machine learning into an NLP rule-based system. 

    Session #9: What’s hard about image recognition, and the challenges associated with the development of a good image recognition capability. 

    Session #10: Tying it all together: The formalization of a detailed AI strategy for the technical implementation of A.I. solutions. 

    NOTE: After each session, a brief homework will be assigned to help reinforce the key concepts covered in that session.

Technical Mentoring
and Consulting

We offer technical mentoring and consulting to help your software engineers properly develop, execute, and maintain the technical implementation of your A.I. business solutions. This is delivered on an as-needed on-demand basis and charged at a competitive hourly rate plus expenses (if travel is required). 

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